Mockingbird Park Letter 20 Jan 23



Electric Heater cautions: Do NOT put too many electric decices on one circuit. This can cause overload, burn the outlet, and cause the house to catch on fire.

(from last month) Do you have propane in your tank?

  If your furnace is not lit, be careful when you light it: keep safe. If you don’t know how, call me(512-353-4860 or 512-757-0083) and make arrangements for service.   If you wait until the last minute and have any furnace problems, you might have to wait several hours, perhaps days, before we can get a service tech to inspect and make the necessary furnace repairs.   You will be charged any fees that are above normal fees if you wait and require this last minute service.  Be prepared in advance!!


                        Check your smoke alarm batteries monthly.  This could save your life!

If you do not have a smoke alarm. Or yours is broken, , contact our office 512-353-4860 for assistance. or

 Eric Myers at 512-757-0083    or      Joe in   34/  512-644-0790


It is your responsibility to help avoid unnecessary ‘Emergency Calls”, especially after normal business hours. Any lack of effort on your part to prepare will result in you participating in any extra costs (Starting at $85) because of unnecessary ‘Emergency Calls” (Unnecessary means that you could/should have tried the system BEFORE it got cold, and chose not to)   It is extremely important to live in SAFE homes, & YOU ARE PART of the team to help insure that this will happen, AND, you may be without water for DAYS until you find a plumber.

Also, watch for FREEZING weather as it is your responsibility to do everything you can to avoid frozen pipes and subsequent damage.   Example, keep heat on in the house, and drip faucets during extreme low Temperatures.

And!  If   you use space heaters- which I strongly advise against- BE SAFE and careful not to over load the outlets and they can start a fire. Also, do not get children or any materials

(Blankets, carpets, rugs, clothing etc.) close to outlets because they may catch fire. 


It time to review Renter Insurance to cover any unexpected damages. This insurance is cheap&easily gotten from internet or Automobile Insurance Carrier.


You received a Merry Christmas 2022 gift of  NEW smoke alarm batteries included with the December 20 statements.  Be sure and


Change you smoke alarm batteries, Be sure your fire extinguisher (s) are in working order.  If you do not have these items, or yours is broken, contact me and I will help you get this resolved.  If you have a gas furnace, you have Carbon Monoxide decters.  Make sure yours works. Contact me if there are any questions.


Looking for a Church, a great place to worship, and a place that has something for everyone?

First Baptist Church on McCarty Lane

has great youth programs

 as well as young adult and older adults.