Mockingbird Park  Letter  20 Oct 22

October Is Fire Prevention Month: Re-read important ‘Fire Safety” letter issued with last months Park Letter

If you lost your copy, you can see it here:

 Do you have propane in your tank?

  If your furnace is not lit, be careful when you light it: keep safe. If you don’t know how, call me(512-353-4860 or 512-757-0083) and make arrangements for service.   If you wait until the last minute and have any furnace problems, you might have to wait several hours, perhaps days, before we can get a service tech to inspect and make the necessary furnace repairs.   You will be charged any fees that are above normal fees if you wait and require this last minute service.  Be prepared in advance.


According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a home structure fire was reported every 87 seconds in 2009. Is your family prepared for a fire emergency? October is National Fire Prevention Month and it serves as an excellent time to examine your preparedness. Do you have a home fire escape plan? Have you changed smoke-alarm batteries within the last year? Do you know the main reasons for fires starting in the home? Get more information on Fire Prevention Month and Week at the NFPA’s website


Change you smoke alarm batteries, Be sure your fire extinguisher (s) are in working order.  If you do not have these items, or yours is broken, contact me and I will help you get this resolved.



Electric Heater cautions: Do NOT put too many electric decices on one circuit. This can cause overload, burn the outlet, and cause the house to catch on fire.

This is YOUR responsibility.  PROTECT YOUR FAMILY!


PLEASE DRIVE SLOW in the park:  10 mph.                       Not only is it safer, it is a requirement.


 Advise your guests that their behavior will directly impact your ability to live within this community.


Vehicles with Expired, or no Registration, or if they do not run, WILL BE TOWED! 


Renter Insurance….

Please review your insurance and make sure it is up to date with the values of your home.


Notice the change in tempature?   Get Prepare for winter!


READ the Fire Safety Letter from LAST MONTH


First Baptist Church on McCarty Lane