Mockingbird Park Letter 20 April 23


Vehicles parking in Mockingbird Park are required to be operational and have Current Registration stickers/plates. Noncompliant vehiclels are subject to towing at any time without further notice.


Spring has Sprung!
and wildlife is moving….WATCH for SNAKES, spiders, scorpions, skunks, possums, raccoons, mountain lions, and children!!!!


Do NOT put your feet or hands anywhere you don’t see before stepping or reaching…council your children.


We don’t generally have problems, you are only advised to coach and council our children (as well as yourselves) to be aware, and prepared, in order that you may avoid problems: Kind of like coaching your children to look BOTH ways before crossing the street….


                         I will get yards mowed, starting at $65 and up….or, you can do it…




Swimming pools, swing sets, tramopolines are dangerous and not allowed.



Speaking of dumpsters:

We have 3 (THREE).  Two are for HOUSHOLD TRASH only (bagged) no furniture, mattresses, etc..

The third dumpster (and smallest of the 3) is for RECYCLABLES. Please break-down and flatten large boxes before putting into dumpsters. Make room for your neighbors to be able to use this service.


It time to review Renter Insurance to cover any unexpected damages. This insurance is cheap&easily gotten from internet or Automobile Insurance Carrier.



Change you smoke alarm batteries, Be sure your fire extinguisher (s) are in working order.  If you do not have these items, or yours is broken, contact me and I will help you get this resolved.  If you have a gas furnace, you have Carbon Monoxide decters.  Make sure yours works. Contact me if there are any questions. 512-757-0083 Eric


Looking for a Church, a great place to worship,

and a place that has something for everyone?


First Baptist Church on McCarty Lane

has great youth and summer programs

Child care new borns and older. Adult and older adults.